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Riflescope 1-6×24 Foreman is ideal for common hunting and hunting in motion. The uniqueness of this riflescope is given by the extra wide field of view of 40m, the wide range of rectification and the electronics used to control the red point. Riflescope is filled by dry nitrogen.

Electronic control of red point

Red point control is divided into 16 stepsFirst  5 steps only for 9% of the red point exposure is controlled, 10 to 100% of the remaining 11 steps. It means good regulation in bad light conditions. The advantage is that it automatically turns off the red dot after 2 hours of inactivity, which significantly saves battery capacity.

Rectification and parallax

The unique range of rectification 160 MOA allows the use riflescopes on various combinations of weapons and mounts without any shooting problems. The 1/4 MOA rectification step is ideal for this type of riflescope and allows a truly fine adjustment when you setting up a gun.

Parallax is set to 100m for the 1-6×24 Foreman riflescope.


Reticle German #4 (G4) used in 1-6×24 Foreman is classic reticle for hunting. It is standard reticle for offer of FOMEI.

Dimensions of this reticle are here


Big advantage of robust 30mm tube is wide mounting space. Placing the rectification controls in brass increases durability of riflescope. Riflescopes are suitable for all commonly used caliber hunting weapons.

The riflescopes are tested with a caliber .375 H&H Mag (equivalent to 6000J energy)

Dimensions of riflescope

A B C E F d D H
275 163 94 72 58 30 46


Reticle dimensions

Are you interested in the point size in the reticle used in your FOMEI riflescope? Visit our page for answers to questions about our classic reticles German # 4 (G4), Duplex (DX), Crosshair dot (CD), but also tactical reticles THC (Tactical Hair Cross) and THD (Tactical) Hair Dot)

Ballistic calculator

Tool for calculating clicks both in a vertical plane (for calculation of projectile drop) and the horizontal plane (correction of the wind). Thanks to the manual entry of values, this calculator is also suitable for shooters who reload their own ammunition.
Ballistic calculator FOMEI visit


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