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The new generation of hunting binoculars FOMEI FOREMAN PRO XLD is developed with the focusing on maximum use in twilight or difficult lighting conditions. The main prerequisite for excellent lighting output is a lens with a diameter of 56mm and new optical components providing edge sharpness to the edges of the field of view.

FOMEI Foreman PRO XLD series includes news with lens of 56mm but a little bit unusual 12x magnification – 12×56 Foreman PRO XLD – is the answer for all those who need high magnification with minimal light loss! It is an ideal helper on hunting grounds with long meadows or distant hills. High viewing comfort is guaranteed by a focusing distance from 2.5 m and diopter adjustment with a range of +/- 4 diopters.


HTC and DEC anti-reflective coating

FOREMAN PRO XLD binoculars are manufactured with materials of the highest quality parameters. All lenses and eyepiece are equipped with special HTC (High Transmission Coating) antireflex coatings. Binocular prisms are coated with DEC (Di-Electrical Coating). Combination of HTC / DEC anti-reflective layers ensures maximum throughput of the entire optical system. Binoculars have a high edge image sharpness and maximum overall light transmission. Due to their excellent light transmittance they use “residual lights” so, they are also suitable for observation of night sky, etc. Where the human eye can see only the black shadow the details of the FOMEI FOREMAN binoculars are excelent.

Using HTC and DEC antireflex layers provides up to 10% less reflection of the light and allows more than 90% light transmission.

The binocular body is filled with dry nitrogen which prevents internal fogging and also ensures its water resistance (WATERPROOF). The robust design of FOREMAN PRO XLD binoculars and innovative ergonomics extend the wide range of usage. The diameter of the input lens (56mm) combined with the new materials and technologies offers great optical properties.

Eyepiece axis distance at FOREMAN PRO XLD is 61-78mm.

– eyepiece and lens caps
– strap
– solid bag
– soft microfibre antistatic cloth


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