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EMOS Smart LI-ION Battery Charger

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The universal charger EMOS BCL-20D will fulfill all your ideas of comfortable, gentle and fast charging. It is ready for charging various types of batteries, which you can insert into the charger separately or simultaneously. The charger is adapted for charging Li-ion, Ni-Cd, Li-FePo4 and NiMH batteries. And not only with the EMOS BCL-20D charger you can charge your batteries carefree, thanks to smart diagnostics, safe control of the charging process, indication of speed and charging status on the LED display, capacity measurement and other interesting functions, the rechargeable batteries themselves will take great care – so that you served for many more years. The charger is equipped with a function of continuous measurement of battery capacity. You will always have a perfect overview of the current condition of your batteries. In addition, the charger can revive even a long-uncharged battery. It has a clear LED display that will keep you informed about the current speed and charging status of each of the inserted batteries. It can detect defective cells or non-rechargeable batteries. It is equipped with a thermal protection function and protection against polarity reversal, short circuit or overcharging. If it detects a problem, it immediately notifies you via an error message on the display and a repeated beep. You will find out about defective or incorrectly inserted batteries almost immediately.

Product parameters:
– universal Li-ion battery charger
– intelligent and safe charging
– charging different types of batteries simultaneously
– continuous measurement of battery capacity
– overview of charging speed and status
– above-standard speed

Technical parameters:
– sizes of rechargeable cells: 10440 – 26650, AAA, AA, C, SC
– number of batteries charged simultaneously: 1 or 2
– charger connection: USB
– charger type: intelligent
– type of cells inside the package: without cells
number of charging channels: 2
– detection of alkaline batteries: yes
– charging time 9 V 200 mAh: not specified
– charging time AAA 1,000 mAh: 1:15
– charging current C: 1,000 mA
– charging current D: not specified
– charging current AAA: 1,000 mA
– AA charging time 2,700 mAh: 3:00
– charging time C 3,500 mAh: 4:00
– USB 5 V / 2 A power supply
– number of cells inside the package: 0
– type of rechargeable batteries: Li-ion, LiFePO4, NiMH, NiCd
– detection of damaged batteries: yes
– charging time D 4,500 mAh: not specified
– charging time of the enclosed cells: not specified
– cable included in the package: yes
– charging current 9 V: not specified
– charging current AA: 1,000 mA
– reverse polarity protection: yes
– special function: capacity measurement
– size: 121 × 60 × 33 mm
– sales packaging: 1 pc, paper box


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